Directorate For Research, Innovation and Developement
Federal Uiversity of Technology, Minna

The University Board of Research is a statutory body of the University under the office of the Vice- Chancellor

The University Board of Research has the mandate, among others, to coordinate and regulate research work, ensure that research fund allocated are used for the purpose it is intended; and make appropriate recommendations to Management accordingly.


The membership is made up of the following:

  1. Vice-Chancellor’s nominee- Chairman
  2. Two Senate members
  3. Deans of Schools
  4. Representative of Library



  1. Registrar or his Representative
  2. Bursar or his Representative
  3. Secretary



The Board‘s terms of reference as contained in the University’ calendar (1999-2001, Pg 32-33) are

  1. To advise Senate on;
  2. (a) The priorities for and the co-ordination of research work.
    (b) The financial need of research work, and
    (c) The making of grafts from the University Research Fund
  3. To constitute sub-committee to process application for University research award, and to approve application, and in accordance with procedures approved by senate.
  4. To promote the development of research work by
  5. (a) Initiating University research projects for the solution of problems not being dealt with by existing organizations.
    (b) Encouraging and assisting the co-operatives development of multi-disciplinary research projects.
    (c) Acting as a link with outside scholars and bodies.
    (d) To advise department or members of staff on request on the probable implication of research work of the University’s external relationships.
    (e) To request and receive annual research reports or summaries from all parts of the University and distributing them to interested persons and
    (f) To act as clearing house for information problems works in progress.
    (g) To submit reports when appropriate to senate on the committee’s work and summaries of research reports.


    Provision is equally made that each school shall establish a sub-committee of the Board of Research.

    MEMBERSHIP is made up of the following:

    (a) Dean - Chairman
    (b) One member from each department.
    (c) A representative of the University Librarian


    School Secretary

    Head of Departments submitting research proposals.


    i. To receive and consider applications for research awards from staff of the School.
    ii. To recommend applications for the award of research grants to the University Board of Research using guidelines set by the Board.
    iii. To deal with any other matter that may be referred to it by the University Board of Research and , or the Vice- Chancellor.



The statutory chairman of the Board is the Deputy Vice- Chancellor. However a substantive Chairman is usually appointed from the Senior Academia to directly oversee the affairs of the Board.

The Chairmen of the Board from 1994 - date are as follows:

1. Prof. S.A. Garba   1994 - 1998
2.  Prof D.O.Adefolalu  1999 - 2004
3. Prof.O.O.A.Fasanya 2004 - 2007
4. Prof. M.A.T.Suleiman Nov 2007 - Jan 2008     
5. Prof. D.A. Muazu March   2008 - 2014
6. Prof. Hussaini A. Makun 2015 - Till Date