The Registrar

Welcome to the web page of the Registrar of the University

Mr. Amos N. Kolo
RegistrarMr. Amos N. Kolo

Our vision is to be a world class unit in global administration network

The University was established in February, 1983 and the Registry Department, which is as old as the University, was created for the day-to-day administrative running of the University. Since inception, the University have had six substantive Registrars, namely, late Dr. B. P. Sawa (1983 – 1986), Mrs. L.S. J. Ahmed (1988 – 1993), Alhaji U. A. Sadiq (1998 – 2003) and Mallam M. D. Usman (2007 – 2012), Mrs. V. N. Kolo, (2012 - 2018) while the incumbent Registrar, Mr. A. N. Kolo, was appointed in June, 2018. Readmore