SERVICOM is the engine for service delivery. It is a unit under the Vice Chancellors office made up of the following members of staff: The Focal Officer,  Deputy Focal Officer, Service improvement Desk Officer, Complaint/Customer Care Desk Officer, Charter Desk Officer and two support staff. The unit also has some members of BRIGADE among the University staff and Students.

The philosophy behind establishment of SERVICOM unit of Federal University of Technology, Minna is to monitor service delivery, maximizing potentials and minimizing resources to achieve the needed output in terms of effective and timely service delivery in the work place.

To make FUT, Minna one of Nigeria’s leading Universities and a Centre of excellence through service delivery, punctuality to work, presence on seats, performance and citizens’ satisfaction.

To ensure effective and efficient service delivery in all sectors of the University.

Monitoring  and ensuring service delivery, complaints handling, conducting opinion poll on effectiveness of our service delivery and organizing sensitization workshop on how to improve service delivery.

SERVICOM unit of Federal University of Technology, Minna, whose responsibility is to have effective and timely service delivery have the underlisted as its major activities:

  • Monitoring service delivery in all service windows of the University
  • Receive and address complaints from all citizens of Federal University of
  • Technology, Minna and all her stakeholders.
  • Routine check on all service windows in the University.
  • Taking attendance of early comers and staff at work.
  • Ensuring effective and timely service delivery within our University system.
  • Consultative fora with all Federal University of Technology, Minna stakeholders.
  • Organizing sensitization workshop on how to improve service delivery.
  • Conducting opinion poll on effectiveness of our service delivery.


SERVICOM Unit, Federal University of Technology, Minna has severally engaged her immediate community on series of self developmental discussions and has also engaged the staff members on sport activity to which is aimed at strengthening staff physically for effective service delivery named “WALK FOR LIFE FOR BETTER SERVICES”.

The Unit has also after discovering students poor attitude to cleanliness and engaged the students on monthly environmental exercise to keep the environment clean and serene for study and habitation.

  • Successfully submitted the University Service Charter to SERVICOM head office in Abuja, which many Universities/MDAs’ have not done yet.
  • In conjunction with Academic Planning Unit, successfully organized on Productivity/Quality Assurance workshops in Federal University of Technology, Minna.
  • Walk for life project
  • Staff punctuality at work.
  • Staff encouragement/motivation via our annual punctuality/productivity award.
  • Operation “Every staff and student (without exception) must wear and display his or her ID card while on campus”. If you fail you will not be attended to. You do not belong here. Students should also note that with immediate effect,” no ID card, no exam”.
  • “Operation “Switch off all lights, fans and appliances everywhere and every time they are not in use”. This includes all offices, classrooms, lecture theatres, student dormitories etc. Before you leave go back and “Switch off “.Students and Office Assistants to please take note.
  • SERVICOM collaborated with the caretaker SUG and the students to conduct monthly environmental sanitation exercises in the two campuses on the last Saturday of every month.  Help to keep our environment clean.
  • Participated actively in University activities like University ceremonies committee that organized the highly successful (no.) convocation ceremony.
  • Actively participated in the organization and successful
  • Organized consultative fora to address these following issues:
  • Issuance of students’ transcripts particularly to seek to reduce bottlenecks in the procedure.
  • Effective release of name of candidates admitted without delay.
  • Registration of both old and new students in way to reduce the time and the bottlenecks in the procedure (e.g. E-payment, allocation of accommodation, departmental registration etc).
  • Lecture timetables and commencement of lectures should start at least two weeks after resumption.
  • Marking of Examinations and release of results in time.
  • Provision of Schedule of Duties and Staff Conditions of Service for better  service delivery required for staff.
  • New SERVICOM Brigades/Marshals were inaugurated for compliance with SERVICOM aspirations.
  • Actively participated in the senate examination scrutiny and business committee.
  • Membership of ACTU/Student Disciplinary Committee and electoral Committee.
  • Tracking of mails, Files, Vouchers, Requisitions and Request. To monitor and ensure that incoming and outgoing mails, Files, Vouchers, Requisitions and  Request within the University are attended to according to the stipulations in the  various charters of the units.

Staff attend workshops and trainings at the SERVICOM institute Abuja annually. The Focal officer and his deputy attend stake holders meetings at the National University Commission. In-house trainings have also been organized for all University staff.
SERVICOM Unit, Federal University of Technology, Minna has a total of seven (7) staff members, namely:

  • Nodal Officer
  • Deputy Nodal Officer
  • Service Improvement Desk Officer
  • Complaints Desk Officer
  • Charter Desk Officer
  • Clerical officer
  • Confidential Secretary