Information and Public Relations Unit


To effectively inform, plan and manage the University image to ensure an environment devoid of rancor in order to achieve the overall objectives of the University that will stand her tall among her contemporaries.


To always mirror the University in the fullness of its beauty and strengthen its relationship with the public through effective communication.


The Unit in the year under review successfully maintained its reputation within the context of her mission and vision through planned and sustained programmes and activities aimed at creating and sustaining good image and relations with all the University’s publics, internal and external.

The Unit apart from normal routine of producing weekly campus news and quarterly Newsletter ensured that the University gets adequate positive publicity for its activities and programmes, through functional media liaisons as well as well written and timely circulation of news release for media usage.

The unit also succeeded in organizing special events, press conferences/briefing and special interviews with the Chief Executive, courtesy calls and facilitaty visits by the press men.


At present, the unit has staff strength of nine (9) comprising of five senior staff and four in the junior category. It is note worthy that staff are ICT compliant and ICT driven. Also, Staff were also sponsored to attend conferences that were of relevance to the unit.


The unit in the year under reference has made significant progress in the performance of its function most essentially creating a two-way communication as well as manage the relationship between the University and the public.