Office of the Vice-Chancellor

We are moving on...


In the first quarter of the outgone year, the Academic Planning Unit put together a staff retreat that was intended to sharpen our focus vis-à-vis what Management perceived as gaps that had opened up especially between the academic staff and our corporate vision and goals. The retreat was in every material sense a wake-up call to staff to clarify our priorities and be amenable to change.

A major issue that came to the fore at the retreat was how to keep tabs of our growth in relation to the University's vision and mission. The Guest Speaker at the opening ceremony did justice to the issue as he opened up vistas of expansion into our untapped potentials. Speaking on the theme: Measuring Our Progress at FUTMINNA, the speaker challenged participants on the need for a paradigm shift, particularly in keeping with the global academic tradition of measuring with necessary Key Performance Indices, KPIs. His presentation, lucidly illustrated through the classic story of the five caged monkeys and the hanging bananas, touched the raw nerves of the many staff with 'this-is-how-things-are-done-here', mentality. I remember he gave a poser: why do we continue to do what we are doing if there is a different way out there? It was a challenge he threw to all participants.

But there is no doubt that everybody actually rose to the challenge. We had at that meeting set clear expectations of performance for individual members of staff and indicated our desire to monitor performance, in line with my personal vision of leading this University to the elite class by thrusting her into global reckoning, as I promised at inception of this administration.

The record of performance across academic and non academic units at the end of 2014 clearly gives credence to the fact that staff are not only sharing a unified vision but are actually on the same page with Management in moving the University forward to greater heights. The latest results of Global University Ranking have seen the University moving more than five notches up in Nigeria and double of the rung in Africa. In fact, 4icu ranked us sixth in Nigeria. This is a significant improvement in our academic profile.

The University also continued to establish linkages, collaborations and affiliations with institutions and establishments across the world, thereby putting us on the world map. I have never fallen short of being proud of the commitment and diligence of our staff- men and women, who form the formidable team that work tirelessly to project us distinctively and to whom the university must be indebted. I am grateful to the entire university community without whom I could move no inch and especially to the Academic Planning Unit for painstakingly putting together a summary of the feats, hardwork and achievements of the staff of this university in a compendium that forms our 2014 Annual Report.