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Keeping faith with the vision
“If you want to travel fast then travel alone. If you want to go far travel together.”----African Proverb
(preface to our 2015 Annual Report)

For the Federal University of Technology, Minna, the Year 2015 has been a very fulfilling one both in terms of the tempo of academic activities and in the welter of achievements recorded across units, departments and faculties. Quite in contradistinction to the laid back ambience of its two campuses, this foremost technology training institution had never really stopped growing – in numbers of students, numbers of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, numbers of buildings, numbers of courses as well as research programmes.

It is perhaps a tribute to the shared responsibility mantra of the Prof. Musbau Akanji-led administration that the 2015 annual report offers an introspective perspective of an institution committed to promoting academic excellence through autonomous intellectual rigour as well as sustained collaboration and partnerships. Across virtually all units, departments and faculties, the ringing refrain of partnerships was loud and clear. This ought not to be surprising as collaboration and innovation had been described as being at the heart of some of human kind’s greatest moments of progress. Read more


To become a world class and Nigeria's leading University recognized for its excellence in capacity building and service delivery.


As a specialized University we are committed to the training of skilled and innovative work-force that would transform Nigeria's... Read More











1. Two (2) passport photographs
2. Medical form
3. Student' NHIS form

1. He/she should obtain its medical form and fill the first page online.

2. He/she should also obtain his/her NHIS form at the reception in the school clinic and fill it, which in turn will be issued a slip.

3. He/she should ensure that a recent passport photograph is fixed on the medical form.

4. He/she should report at the nursing unit for some physical examination.

5. He/she will be referred to the medical laboratory for laboratory investigations.

6. He/she will also be referred to the X-ray unit for Chest X-ray

7. He/she should submit the results from the medical laboratory and X-ray units and the printed medical form at the medical records office, where he/she will be referred to the medical doctor for other examinations and certifications.

8. He/she should report at the medical record office again with the certified medical form and NHIS slip for the final documentation.


You are not expected to pay any fee to any person in the clinic for any services rendered.

Failure to go through the above procedures can hinder you from receiving any medical or related attention from the clinic.