Each student is expected to pay a restitution of four thousand, nine hundred and fifty Naira (N4,950.00) only between Saturday March 4th and 11th 2017. The payment is to be done through the University Portal.

(a) Students should obtain letter of undertaking to be of good behavior written and endorsed by their parents which must be supported with a sworn court affidavit.

(b) Evidence of payment (receipt) is to be printed out.

Items in (a) and (b) above are to be submitted to the appropriate School Secretary.

Students should note that academic activities will continue as follows:

• Monday 20th – 31st March, 2017 - Revision and Test

• Saturday 1st – 8th April, 2017 - e-Exams

• Tuesday 18th April - Saturday 29th April 2017 – First Semester Examinations

Please Note: The following Categories of Students in400 Levelare not includedin the payment of the "Restitution Fees":

1. Agricultural Economics and Extension Technology,

2. Animal Production,

3. Crop Production,

4. Soil Science and Land management.

5. Water Resources, Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology

6. Industrial and Technology Education

Others Include

7. IJMB and Pre-degree Students.

UNDERGRADUATE Click hear to make Your "Restitution Fee Payment"


POSTGRADUATE Click hear to make Your "Restitution Fee Payment"