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Web Content

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Web Content

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June 2013


Director ITS

1.1   Policy Statement

This policy provides guidelines to all who host web sites on university servers. It is the policy of the university to promote accurate, current, useful and attractive university web sites as well as promote a unified and positive image of the university.

1.2   Reason for Policy

The Internet, and the World Wide Web in particular, are important media through which the university carries out essential functions including teaching, research, scholarly communications, student and personnel recruitment, alumni relations, development and public relations. It is therefore important that university web pages provide the best possible representation of the university.


Faculty, staff and students who have their own web sites associated with the university or are responsible for maintaining and building web sites that are hosted by university servers. Visitors to university web sites may also learn from the policy how the university collects, uses, and protects the information of web site visitors.

1.4 Policy/Procedures

1.4.1 General Requirements

  • The content of all pages must adhere to university policies and be in compliance with the university’s Copyright and Privacy policies and local, state and Nigeria laws.
  • None of the pages located on university servers can be used to promote personal financial activity, commercial activity, non-profit organizations, political groups or religious groups, unless permitted by any  university policy or regulation

Policy on Ownership of FUT info Content

The FUT Info server is a University-funded repository providing information about the University to the Federal University of Technology , Minna  Community and the general public. It is designed to enhance the experience for FUT  students, faculty, and staff by providing them with timely information related to their studies, work, and recreation. It also serves as a gateway for introducing outsiders to the University community and its resources.

University offices, schools, departments, and approved student organizations are responsible for the accuracy of their information on FUT minna Info. Web Communications office of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (ITS)  of Federal University of Technology , Minna is responsible for technical administration of the University  server and training of University Community that wish to publish information on the web.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (ITS)  of Federal University of Technology also maintains the top-level pages of the University( www.futminna.   . INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (ITS)  of Federal University of Technology  Office is responsible for confirming the Management  of any person submitting documents for inclusion in the FUT  database on behalf of a Federal University of Technology management .Any office or schools  with concern about information included in FUT info is encouraged to communicate with the ITS Web Communications Office. If you have any questions, please email us atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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