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SPS Biennial International Conference

“SPS Conference 2017”
SPSBAC-2017 is the first International Conference organized by the School of Physical Sciences Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger state, Nigeria. The conference is an interdisciplinary platform for the presentation of new ideas and research findings in the fields of Science and Technology. It will give opportunity to scholars and researchers in the academic communities and other establishments to meet, share and discuss together how science and technology can help reduce poverty and bring sustainable development worldwide. Read More


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Minna is a city in Nigeria. It is located 9.62 (N) latitude and 6.55 (E) longitude. It is the capital of Niger State, in North-Central Nigeria. Minna is located to the northwest of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria (See Figure 1). It consists of 2 major ethnic groups which are called the Nupe and Gwari's and has a population of about 300,000.
It has an average of 12.33 hours daylight in May, It is sunny approximately 62% of daylight hours and cloudy 38% of daylight hours. It is dry in May with some prospect of some rain. The minimum temperature this period is 24 oC, average temperature of 27 oC and normal maximum temperature of 33 oC
It takes a 2 hours’ drive to cover the distance of 155 km from the Abuja International Airport to Minna.


Figure 1: Driving Direction to Minna from Abuja

The School of Physical Sciences (SPS) is located at Bosso Campus, in the northwest suburb region of Minna (Figure 2). The campus is located along the Minna-Zungeru Road which is an extension of the Minna-Abuja Road to the north.

The Campus host some other schools and centres, which include, mainly, School of Life Sciences (SLS), School of Technology Education (STE), Centre for Human Settlement and Urban Development (CHSUD) and Centre for Preliminary and Extramural Studies (CPES). The venues for the conference are all located within Bosso Campus (See figures 3 & 4).


Figure 2: Location Bosso Campus in Minna



Figure 3: Details of Bosso Campus, Federal University of Technology, Minna



Figure 4: The Main Gate of Bosso Campus, Federal University of Technology, Minna


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